Extra-disciplinary Seminar

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The Extra-disciplinary seminar is tagged for critical and creative thinking and one other learning outcome of the instructor’s choice. The General Education Plan is found on the General Education page under the Academic Affairs website. The General Education Plan provides a summary of and a rubric for each learning outcome.
Below, please indicate the general education learning outcomes that this course will address. The University General Education Committee is limiting all extra-disciplinary courses to two outcomes. Also, state the percentage of the course contact hours that will be directed toward this learning outcome.
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For each outcome listed, please provide a paragraph explaining how a particular learning outcome is addressed in the proposed course. Also include specific teaching strategies that will be utilized in addressing the particular outcome ( e.g., lecture, small group learning, active learning, case method, discussion, and others). Active learning is to be a key part of the Extra-disciplinary seminar experience. Please note some of the active learning activities/techniques that your seminar plans to use to engage students beyond the traditional lecture-style class experience.
1. (Paragraph of supporting text for the Critical and Creative Thinking outcome):
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Please name and describe all artifacts that are proposed to be associated with the above requested tags. Include a description of how the artifact correlates with the rubric developed for that particular outcome.
The General Education Committee has decided that in order to ensure some consistency across the extra-disciplinary seminar experience, one of the two artifacts will be demonstrated by way of a substantive paper. This paper needs to have at least one major revision to aid in the practices of effective writing. In the description of the artifact below, please indicate the content of the paper you will ask students to write.
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State the appropriate row(s) of the rubric that will be applied to the assessment of this artifact:
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Brief description of artifact:
State the appropriate row(s) of the rubric that will be applied to the assessment of this artifact: